Latest free 6000 iptv playlist github Daily Updated

free 6000 iptv playlist github

free 6000 iptv playlist github

Today We share the free 6000 iptv playlist github you can watch IPTV on free Latest free 6000 iptv playlist github with your android, android box, android tv, Fire tv, MI tv box, Nvidia shield tv, and firestick.

free 6000 iptv playlist github


Collection of 6000+ free IPTV channels from all over the world.


To watch IPTV you just need to paste this link to any player with support M3U-playlists.

VLC Network Panel

Below you can find a manually selected list of such applications for different platforms.


  • VLC for Windows is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.


  • VLC for Mac OS X is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.


PlayStation 4

  • Plex media server allows you to aggregate all your personal media and access it anywhere you go. In order to watch IPTV through Plex App, you can use the Cigaras/IPTV.bundle plugin.

If your application does not support nested playlists, you can instead use one of these playlists:

  • (grouped by country and content)
  • (grouped by country)
  • (grouped by content)
  • (contains only sports channels)

Or select a playlist for a specific country from the list below.

Playlists by country

Country Channels Playlist Afghanistan 8 Albania 27 Algeria 3 Angola 1 Argentina 84 Armenia 48 Aruba 1 Australia 22 Austria 15 Azerbaijan 21 Bahamas 1 Bahrain 9 Bangladesh 0 Barbados 2 Belarus 8 Belgium 17 Bolivia 11 Bosnia and Herzegovina 3 Brazil 82 Bulgaria 33 Cambodia 17 Cameroon 2 Canada 37 Chile 57 China 1074 Colombia 18 Costa Rica 12 Croatia 35 Cuba 2 Curaçao 1 Cyprus 10 Czech Republic 36 Democratic Republic of the Congo 1 Denmark 14 Dominican Republic 38 Ecuador 5 Egypt 29 El Salvador 2 Equatorial Guinea 3 Estonia 8 Ethiopia 1 Finland 2 France 89 Georgia 12 Germany 147 Ghana 3 Greece 32 Guatemala 0 Guinea 1 Guyana 2 Haiti 11 Honduras 14 Hong Kong 51 Hungary 10 Iceland 10 India 283 Indonesia 221 Iran 15 Iraq 16 Ireland 4 Israel 22 Italia 270 Ivory Coast 4 Jamaica 7 Japan 25 Jordan 4 Kazakhstan 38 Kenya 5 Kosovo 9 Kuwait 24 Kyrgyzstan 8 Laos 5 Latvia 11 Lebanon 27 Libya 5 Lithuania 3 Luxembourg 2 Macau 8 Macedonia 5 Malaysia 25 Maldives 4 Malta 6 Mexico 59 Moldova 18 Mongolia 8 Montenegro 1 Morocco 12 Mozambique 4 Myanmar 8 Nepal 1 Netherlands 24 New Zealand 11 Nicaragua 10 Nigeria 8 North Korea 1 Norway 6 Oman 4 Pakistan 25 Palestine 7 Panama 3 Paraguay 1 Peru 25 Philippines 4 Poland 18 Portugal 68 Puerto Rico 3 Qatar 11 Romania 57 Russia 414 Rwanda 2 Saint Kitts and Nevis 2 San Marino 2 Saudi Arabia 12 Serbia 5 Singapore 9 Slovakia 35 Slovenia 1 Somalia 8 South Africa 1 South Korea 62 Spain 196 Sri Lanka 9 Sudan 9 Sweden 6 Switzerland 18 Syria 16 Taiwan 52 Thailand 64 Trinidad and Tobago 1 Tunisia 5 Turkey 105 Turkmenistan 7 Uganda 1 Ukraine 207 United Arab Emirates 83 United Kingdom 115 United States 540 Uruguay 5 Uzbekistan 16 Venezuela 9 Vietnam 132 Western Sahara 1 Yemen 1 Zimbabwe 1


The easiest way to help the project is to sort channels by country. Specifically for this was created playlist channels/unsorted.m3u which contains channels that are not yet sorted by other playlists. If you recognize one of the channels in this playlist, just copy its title and link to the desired country playlist. That’s it!

If you want to add new channel to the playlist you need add link to stream and some information about it. For example:

#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="" tvg-name="Example TV" tvg-logo="" group-title="News",Example TV

Attribute Description tvg-id Unique channel id that is used to load EPG. List of EPG codes for most channels: (optional) tvg-name Channel name (optional) tvg-logo Logo of the channel (optional) group-title One of the following categories: Auto, Business, CCTV, Classic, Comedy, Documentary, Education, Entertainment, Family, Fashion, Food, General, Health, History, Hobby, Kids, Legislative, Lifestyle, Local, Movies, Music, News, Quiz, Radio, Religious, Sci-Fi, Shop, Sport, Travel, Weather, XXX (optional)

If you just found an error or have any suggestions on how to organize a playlist please send an issue or a pull request


npm run test

Be prepared test may take a long time. Or if you want to test the playlist of a particular country, you can specify the ISO 3166 code of the country as an argument when running the test.

npm run test --country=uk

After the test is over all broken links will be saved to the file error.log.

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